Troubleshooting Nomad Read9ZB

No communication from target(s)-receiving error “Error opening Com PortX”Perform a Clean Boot

Resolution: Perform Hard Reset (Factory Reset)

WARNING: All application software installed by the factory and the customer, plus licenses, settings and user data will be cleared if this function is performed!

  1. Hold down the Power key and press the right soft key  to display a countdown. Continue to hold down both keys until it counts down to zero, followed by a brief appearance of the boot screen. Continue to hold both keys down until a screen appears warning that if you continue, this operation will clear the persistent store. Follow the instructions on the screen ONLY if you want to completely clear your unit.
  1. Follow the on-screen prompts to setup your Nomad. i.e. Screen alignment, Date & Time, etc.
  2. Start ActiveSync (Windows XP) or Windows Mobile Device Center (Windows Vista/Windows 7,8,10) on your Desktop or Laptop.
  3. Connect Nomad PDA, via USB cable, to PC. If you have not already run the ActiveSync setup, make sure you uncheck ALL boxes except FILES. Follow on-screen prompts to finish setup.
  4. Copy & Paste all of the Read9ZB files from your PC to the Nomad.
    1. In ActiveSync, Click on EXPLORE, MyWindows Mobile Based Device, open the Program Files folder and create a new folder called Read9ZB to Paste the files in.
    2. In Windows Mobile Device Center, click on File Management, Browse the Contents of Your Device, Double click on the \ drive, open the Program Folder and create a new folder called Read9ZB to Paste the files in.-
  5. Disconnect Nomad PDA from PC and ShutPDA off

    1. Power menu: Hold down the Power key for about 3 seconds to display a countdown. (If you continue to press the Power key it will cause the PDA to reset/reboot when the countdown reaches zero.) Release the Power key while the countdown is proceeding, you will then access the following menu. Tap Shutdown.
  6. Remove the top boot of PDA
    1. Using the screwdriver on the stylus, unscrew the 2 screws, ¼ turn each, on the Top Boot. Lift the boot off the PDA.
  7. Gently remove Zigbee Radio card by lifting upwards
  8. Re-Installing Driver and Files
    1. Press the Green power button to turn the PDA back on.
    2. Tap on the Start button and click on Programs, File Explorer and using the small drop-down arrow, located near the top left of the screen, select My Device. Then tap on Program Files>Read9ZB>Driver – New Zigbee Board to open the folder. Tap on the file located in the folder to install the driver. When setup is complete tap on the drop down arrow and select Read9ZB.
    3. Install the remaining 4 files: msvbppc.arm4, Read9_11g.Ar…, PdaWarning and Prog-ZB_Setup
      1. After each file is installed tap on the X in the top right corner to exit the setup screen.
  9. Shutdown the PDA and Reseat Zigbee Radio
    1. Press and hold the Green power button for 3 seconds and tap on Shutdown.
    2. Align the Zigbee radio card up to the small thin socket and align the gold prongs to their sockets. Push down gently, making sure not to bend the prongs. (as seen in image below)
  10. Replace Top Boot Cap and tighten screws, ¼ turn clockwise.
  11. Press green power button to turn PDA on, you will receive a pop-up. When the dialog pops up saying “Unidentified USB Device” enter CP210xVCP for the driver name. The dialog should close when OK is pressed.
  12. Tap Start, Programs, scroll down to Prog-ZB to start program. Once program is running, tap on the drop-down arrow and change COM Port to COM9 and SYSTEM to SYSTEM ID = 1. Close program by tapping on ok.
  13. Launch Read9 program, (if it is not listed in the Start menu, select Programs and scroll down to find Read9 icon and tap to launch) tap on the Setup tab and change PORT to COM9, check the radio circle next to Radio then tap on APPLY to finalize settings.. Tap on ok to exit Read9 and save all current settings, making sure to select YES to save your settings.
  14. You have finished reinstalling your Read9ZB software, turn on your Target and Laser to test your software.

How to perform a Hard Reset on the HP 2400 Series

How Do I Perform a Hard (“Full”) Reset?

Perform a hard reset when you want to clear all settings, programs, and data from RAM (Random Access Memory), where data and programs you have loaded are stored. If the battery installed in your iPAQ Pocket PC discharges completely, your Pocket PC will operate as if a hard reset had been performed once the battery has been recharged.

CAUTION: If you perform a hard reset, your iPAQ Pocket PC returns to its default settings and loses all information (files, settings, etc.) that is not recorded in ROM. Information stored in iPAQ File Store will not be lost. For more information on using iPAQ File Store, refer to Chapter 4, “Using the iPAQ File Store Folder,” in the User’s Guide located on the Companion CD.

To perform a hard reset:

  1. Press and hold the Calendar and iTask buttons.
  2. While holding these buttons, use the stylus to lightly press the Reset button on the bottom of the iPAQ Pocket PC for about two seconds.
  3. When the Pocket PC screen begins to fade, release the Calendar and iTask buttons first, and then remove the stylus from the Reset button.
  4. The Pocket PC resets and powers on.

CAUTION: If you push and hold the Reset button for more than two seconds, the battery disconnects. To restart the
unit, either plug the unit into the AC Adapter or press the Reset button again.

How to Perform a Factory reset and Re-Install Read9 Software on the HP 211

Performing hard reset

NOTE: Back up all your data before performing a hard reset.

Before performing a hard reset, you can save all your data in iPAQ File Store and then perform a hard reset. After performing a hard reset, you can reinstall the applications on the iPAQ device.

Follow these steps to perform a hard reset of the device.

  1. Hold the Record , Start/Windows , OK buttons at the same time and and then using the stylus, press and release the Reset button.
    1. Record
    2. Start/Windows
    3. OK
    4. Reset
  2. Continue holding the Record, Start/Windows , and OK buttons.
  3. A Clean Boot message displays indicating successful restoration of factory settings on your device.


Re-Installing Hamar Laser Software

  1. Select Start, File Explorer, and tap on SD Card. (Figure 1)
  2. Select (Step 2) msvb…to install the first part of the software. Select Device for location to install. After installing this Step, the PDA may need to be rebooted, just follow the screen prompts. After reboot repeat Step 1 to continue Read9 installation.
  3. Select (Step3) Read…to install the Read9 software. (Figure 2)
  4. Run the Read9 Program, select the Setup Tab, using the drop-down arrow, select COM1.
  5. Check the circle next to Radio, then tap Apply. (Figure3)


Figure 1 - File Explorer, SD Card
Figure 1 – File Explorer, SD Card
Figure 2 - msvb and Read9 installation files on SD Card.
Figure 2 – msvb and Read9 installation files on SD Card.
Figure 3 - Read9 Setup Tab
Figure 3 – Read9 Setup Tab













Dell Axim Hard Reset


Resetting the Dell Axim X51 Series Pocket PCs

A “soft” reset clears all open programs and “reboots” the Pocket PC. When the Pocket PC powers back up, you’ll start with all active programs closed and the device ready to use. This procedure is intended to reset the Pocket PC if it is malfunctioning or has become bogged down. This reset is also sometimes necessary after software is installed. A soft reset is the Pocket PC equivalent to restarting your Desktop or Laptop.

The Dell Axim X51 and X51v can be soft reset by pressing the recessed button on the rear of the unit above the battery.

A “hard” reset wipes the RAM and returns the Pocket PC to its factory specs. In effect, the Pocket PC will be just as it was when you purchased it. All data entered, preferences set or software installed (other than ROM updates) on the Pocket PC after purchase will be lost after a hard reset and will have to be transferred or reinstalled via ActiveSync / Windows Mobile Device Center.

The Dell Axim X51 Series Pocket PCs can be hard reset by performing the following procedure:

With the unit turned on, press and hold the power button at the top of the unit. While holding the down power button, use the stylus tip to press the “Reset” button mentioned above. Allow the screen to fade to off. Release both buttons. The unit will power back on and display a menu to confirm the hard reset request. The Axim will be hard reset, just as it was when it left the factory.


Dell X50 / X51 Series Reset Diagram