Using the A-980 Bracket System

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How to use the A-980 Bracket System for Shaft Alignment


 Insert the Chain Hub into the groove of the A-980 Bracket as shown below. Make sure to align the flat sides of the pin to the groove.



Wrap the chain around the shaft and over the pin in the hub. The chain goes on the inside of the hub for shafts of 1-3 inches diameter and on the outside for shafts of 3-12 inches diameter (see 1B and 1C).



Insert chain inside the hub for 1-3 inch diameter shafts.



Chain goes outside the hub for 3-12 inch diameter shafts.



Pull chain through or around the hub, ensuring that the last link is over the pin.



With the last link over the pin, hand-tighten the knob as tight as possible. Do not use pliers.



Place the magnetic end of the rod on the opposite end of the chain. The magnet holds it in place.



Fold the chain in half and place the remainder of the chain against the other half of the magnet at the end
of the rod.



The chain is now folded and out of the way and will stay in place for a full rotation of the shafts.