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Changing POS Sensing on A-1519 Target

  1. Log in with a Power User or Administrator access level.
  2. If the target is in Application Mode, select Reboot to Configuration Mode.
  3. Wait for the utility to re-acquire the target.
  4. Click the CONFIGURE menu button.

    The Target Configuration Window displays (Figure 1). The following fields are disabled (reserved for Hamar Laser use only):

    1. Device type
    2. Serial
    3. V KFactor
    4. H KFactor
    5. Mfg. Date
    6. Cal. Station ID
    7. Cal
      1. Temp Compensation Factor
    8. PV Cell Scale Factor
    9. All Hardware Revision
    10. Radio
  5. Change the POS SENSING, Configure the target using the utility, based on the laser type and Type II Unitarget as follows:
    1. Scanning, Single Axis Legacy Mode: Select this mode for Type II Legacy Targets only. Select for use with scanning lasers only.
    2. Scanning, Dual Axis Mode: Select this mode for Type II, current version. Select for use with scanning lasers only.
    3. Fixed Beam, Dual Axis: Select this mode for all continuous line lasers (for example the L-700 and L-705 in continuous mode).
    4. Pulsed Beam, Dual Axis: Select this mode for use with pulsed line lasers only (for example, the L-705 in pulsed beam mode).
  6. Once selected click the UPLOAD (Figure 1) button.
  7. You’ll be prompted to save Target Parameters. (Figure 2)

    Figure 2- Save Target Parameters
  8. After saving Target Parameters, click on Target Mode and select Set Normal Application Mode to set the target back to normal functioning mode.
  9. Click File > Exit to close the software and safely remove the target from the USB port.
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