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Windows 10 Fall Creators Update version 1709

There are two known effects of the Fall Creators update regarding Bluetooth:

  1. The Bluetooth pairing of the Hamar target loses its connection and will need to be paired again. When clicking/tapping on Start > Settings > Devices > Bluetooth(1), if the Bluetooth on/off toggle(2) is no longer visible then you will need to rollback Windows to version 1607.


  1. If the Bluetooth toggle is visible, then your target pairing needs to be reset. Locate your previously paired target device, using stylus or finger, tap on target (target is listed by its serial number)


  1. Turn target on allowing Bluetooth in tablet to discover target, once the target is displays “Ready to pair” tap on the Pair button. Enter passcode 1280 to complete target pairing.
  2. If Windows no longer displays the on/off Bluetooth toggle you will need to rollback the windows Operating System: IMPORTANT NOTE: Before rolling back Windows users MUST copy their data from the COUPLE6 directory or will lose ALL Machines and Reports!
    1. Using a flashdrive, copy the following folders from the COUPLE6 folder to a flashdrive:
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